Grosse Ile entryway signGrosse Ile, Michigan - A great place to live or visit!

While still something of a secret, you will feel it as you cross the bridge:
Grosse Ile is the perfect place to live, raise a family, recreate, and relax in southeast Michigan.

A unique island community enveloped by the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge, Grosse Ile is historic, natural, and among the very safest places to live in Michigan.

However you measure success in providing for your family - whether the water-wonderland atmosphere, a charming neighborhood, excellent schools, public safety or community spirit - you will find it in Grosse Ile, Michigan!

safecitybkgrd2Grosse Ile Township is rated as the safest City or Township in Michigan for communities with populations exceeding 10,000.

The risk of violent crime is beyond 1 in 10,000 on Grosse Ile. To put this into perspective, there is a greater risk:
  • ...that you will be killed by a grizzly bear; or
  • ...have an airplane crash into you; or
  • ...die from a tree falling upon you!

Grosse Ile, Michigan...It's a great - and VERY safe - place to live!

The assessment is based upon compiled 2012 data from the FBI. For a complete explanation of the methodology, go here.

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